Mental Health Check-in Y’all

🌈Mental Health Check-in Y’all 🤙🏽

JKD Mental Health Advocate Amanda M.

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        I wanted to talk about how JKDistro CBD Products, they’ve helped me and my mental health. I suffer from high anxiety, extreme PTSD, Manic Depression and a Disassociation Disorder.

I am 28 years old, and I found out I had these after a ten year abusive relationship with my so called “high school sweetheart.” I have only been out of this relationship for two years now, but I have seen a drastic difference in myself.

My friend Jake introduced me to this company two years ago. JKDistro shipped me samples to try and I fell in love. After smoking CBD flower consistently for about a week I can say I saw a difference in myself. I had to realize it’s ok not to be normal. Moreover, trying being “normal” was messing up me being “Amazing Amanda”💪🏼.

My anxiety was lower, my PTSD triggers and night terrors were less frequent and my manic depression episodes were becoming less and less. Far more manageable than before CBD. I had to share this aha moment 💡with you all!


I have to say I am a huge skeptic to many things. CBD literally changed my life and it helped me level out my mental disorders in a way that was healthier then other alternatives.

I felt myself getting through my episodes quicker and without others to lean on. While leaning on people is a great thing, we need to lean on ourselves to. That was something I have never done in my whole life.

The nugs are beautiful and high quality. They smell wonderful and taste amazing. Very smooth and the difference in taste in the strains is something that I love. I love to roll Jefferson blunts for a daily treat when I have my CBD, Backwoods specifically! (JKD Smoker’s Circle)

My mental health is something I am taking very serious now. I had lived by someone else’s rules and became someone I wasn’t for over a decade! Amazing Amanda is back and working hard with the JKD Community! We got this y’all 2021 🧑🏻‍🎤!!!

So now I am taking responsibility and I am getting better at caring for myself. Not just my body, but also my soul and heart. This company really has made a difference in my life, in ways I didn’t think we’re possible.



Like I said I am a huge skeptic. But I believe in this company, what they grow and stand for. I’ll always be loyal to them and their products. I’d recommend 10/10.

Until my next post, love yourself!

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Amanda M. Mental Health Blog Journey

👩🏼‍🎤ps- here’s a link to a mental health resource if you need it like I did! Reach out if you’re in need we have a Compassion Program 🙏🏽

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Written by Keijiro Varela


this is beautiful 🤍

Krislyn on Mar 09, 2021

all i have to say is i love j&k distribution co. and keep doing the great work and this comes from the heart

lemar steele on Feb 09, 2021

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