Mental Health Awareness - Coming out of Depression

Coming out of it?!?

JKD Mental Health Advocate - Amanda M.

I’m just keeping it real y’all! I have been out of it lately....

Been having some bad luck. But I have realized something during this hard time. That it’s really only just a hard/sad/stressful/etc moment.

I use to think bad days or moments meant I had a bad life. But now I can see the positive things forming. I can stop and say “hey, my boyfriend just made me smile.” And take that and use that positive thing to revamp my mind. Build upon something, no matter how small!

Finding Perspective!

I use to always look And focus on the hard things in life more. Because being in a bad situation for a decade has tricked my brain to always see the negative first.

It’s one of the hard truths to being in a domestic violence relationship so long. But each day I strive, and I can say that even though that decade of my life was so long and such a big part of who I am, I don’t think about it as much. Some things become triggered in my memory but I don’t think on it as long as I use to. it’s slowly getting easier to overcome. Slowly but surely like the tortoise 🐢 racing the hare 🐇!

After all my hardships and with all my mental journeying I am thriving mentally more now then ever before. I just think we need to say out loud for the entire world to hear.


We are ok! We are growing and thriving and building our new selves! Shout it loud!

So roll up, pack up or dab up and join me on a healing journey of FREEING OUR BRAINS! Until next time, I hope this helps you on your journey! Amanda

Until my next post, love yourself!

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Amanda M. Mental Health Blog Journey

👩🏼‍🎤ps- here’s a link to a mental health resource if you need it like I did! Reach out if you’re in need we have a Compassion Program 🙏🏽

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Written by Keiji Varela

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