Let’s Talk About Glassware

Glassware or glass pipes come in different types and shapes. Each type is best suited for use with specific types and quantities of product. They range in design from simple to complex, abstract to concrete, or made to resemble animals or other objects. They are like individual works of art, each one is beautiful and unique. The experience of smoking through glass is an unmatched, it lets you taste the flower and concentrate in a way papers and other materials just don’t.

As a glassware collector, I have over 30 pieces in my collection. It is my preferred method of smoking and the way I chose to consume my hemp and cannabis products. If you are new to smoking these can certainly be intimidating as they come in so many varieties. I will try to explain a few of the different types of glassware and showcase some of my personal favorites below.

Chillums/One Hitters

My personal favorite Chillum is my little mushroom, the curved shape makes a less harsh hit

My personal favorite Chillum is my little mushroom, the curved shape makes a less harsh hit.

I consider this to be a great option for new users. There’s just enough room for just 1 to 2 hits. These are typically easy to find and use.


Most of these types of basic pipe are shaped like a simple tube, but can be curved in places like my favorite mushroom one pictured here. Smoking with a chillum or one hitter might be considered an updated but still somewhat primitive method of smoking as some early indigenous cultures did using hollow reeds. The experience is different from using other types of pipes, and the size of the chillum also makes a difference when it comes to temperature and the size of the hit. My personal favorite happens to not be a straight tube but id say 80% of chillums and one hitters are. The hits can be a bit dry and hot with these because of the size and lack of filtration, however they are defiantly convenient for a quick puff or two.

How To Use

To use a chillum/one hitter , you simply pack dry herb into the open end aka the “bowl”, light it and inhale from the end with the smaller opening aka the “mouthpiece”. Due to their small size and simplicity of design, they are only able to take small amounts of dry herb. One or two hits is about what fits into these being why some of us call them “one hitters”. They also lack carb holes, a feature that keeps the flavor of the smoke from going stale and helps you preserve your herb. 

Dry Pipes

This little pink dry pipe is one of my oldest pieces and still one of the only dry pipes I use regularly.

This little pink dry pipe is one of my oldest pieces and still one of the only dry pipes I use regularly.

I consider these to be good for newer consumers who want something with a bit more capacity  than the chillum but still easy to use.


The term "dry pipe" is a fairly large umbrella term meaning any pipe that does not use water filtration (bongs, bubblers, etc.). Dry pipes are usually more convenient, and many often utilize longer stems or intricate air pathway designs to compensate for the lack of filtration. You don’t need water to use, making them ideal for taking places with you. Many people report being able to taste their flower best through these dry pipes, I’d say the jury is still out on that one. This is a preferred method of smoking for a lot of people, being that its inexpensive for the most part to get a glass pipe and very easy to use. these are usually shaped in the classic “spoon pipe” shape but can vary. 

How To Use

To use a dry pipe, you simply pack dry herb into the “bowl” or “spoon” end, light it and inhale from the mouthpiece end , while covering the carb hole. Once you have an adequate hit you release the carb hole and clear the chamber of smoke. These typically can hold a bit more flower than their smaller cousin, the chillum but provide a similar smoking experience. The sizes vary greatly with these but typically they hold enough for 5-6 puffs. It’s a dry hot smoke again but the further away your “bowl” and “mouthpiece” are from one another the smoother it will be.


Pictured is one of the only bubblers I own , I don’t currently have a glass one but I am always in the market.

Pictured is one of the only bubblers I own, I don’t currently have a glass one but I am always in the market.

These are a good first step for someone who is ready to introduce water filtration into their smoking experience. Many similarities to a dry pipe so not hard to learn to use. Mid-level experience is fine with these.


This glass pipe style is named because of the bubbles. This type of pipe is a hybrid of the glass pipe and the bong. It’s small like a pipe but uses water like a bong. The water acts as a filter for the smoke, diffusing it and creating tiny bubbles. The result is a smoother flavor, and a cooler hit. The thing a lot of people don’t realize is a lot of coughs that come with smoking are caused by the dry heat of the smoke hitting your lungs. Adding a small amount of liquid really adds to your smoking experience. Water is the recommended method but you can use any liquid if you clean it adequately and that can also add to your smoking experience, any temp is also fine for your water but the colder the better in my opinion.

How To Use

These, for the most part are shaped similarly to a spoon pipe but contain a small chamber for water under the “bowl” to filter and smooth your hits. first before putting in any herb add your liquid and do a test hit to make sure you have the right amount of liquid in your chamber. You should hear a bubbling sensation, however you shouldn’t have so much liquid it splashes into your mouth when drawing air through the pipe. If you get water in your mouth dump some out, if you don’t hear bubbling add some more; its really trial and error to get that perfect amount.

After you get the right amount of water it goes much like the dry pipe. Pack your dry herb into the open “bowl” put your lips on the mouthpiece and light. These usually have a carb hole on the side you need to cover while hitting and release to clear the smoke just like the dry pipes. 

Bongs/Water Pipes

My personal favorite from my extensive collection, Daddie Juju, yes I name my bongs. It has 3 peculators, therefore 3 spots for water filtration and cooling so it produces a very smooth hit. She is decorated with stickers and bracelets that match the vibe and can be a fun way to customize your bongs.

Now we talk about my favorite Glassware, Bongs! Bongs or Water pipes, depending on what you call them, are a more experienced smokers game. The only reason I say they are for the more experienced is because they can be so intimidating.


Depending on where you live, this type of glassware is either called a bong or a water pipe. Bongs/Water Pipes are defined by the inclusion of a water chamber and a percolator. Bongs also usually have a removable “bowl” piece to provide for easier cleaning and to serve the same function as the “carb hole” on dry pipes and bubblers, creating a seal in your chamber, then an open airflow hole to clear out the chambers of smoke. These can have multiple chambers and peculators and can come in a variety of sizes from a few inches tall to measuring in feet. All these differences are why they tend to be so intimidating for new consumers. These in my opinion provide the best filtration, flavor and overall experience. The hits are usually larger also making it more intimidating to new consumers but you can find small simple ones that are a good starting point.

How To Use

To use you add your liquids in a similar fashion to the bubbler. find the chamber/chambers that hold liquid, add your liquid and test run before smoking to make sure you have the adequate amount of water required for a proper experience. Once you get your water levels right you will want to pack your removable bowl piece with dry flower and fit it into the open spot for it near the bottom of the bong. Then you put your lips on the mouthpiece and inhale while lighting the bowl to fill the chamber with cooled filtered smoke , depending on  your lung capacity this make take a few breaths but that is fine , after you are satisfied with the “cloud” aka amount of smoke in the chamber you simply remove the bowl piece from its hole (a handle is very common on bowl pieces to avoid burning your fingers  ) and here is where I usually breathe out all my air on the side , put my lips back to the top of the bong and inhale the cloud of smoke then blow it back out . Contrary to popular belief you don’t need to hold the smoke in your lungs longer than 3-5 seconds.  

Dab Rigs

My favorite dab rig, her name is Madonna. She is a bit dirty and is getting a bath tomorrow.

My favorite dab rig, her name is Madonna. She is a bit dirty and is getting a bath tomorrow.

Dabs are a whole different ballgame; they are for very experienced smokers only.  I would never recommend dabs to a first-time smoker. If you have a bit of experience and have built up a tolerance to your preferred cannabinoid, now you may be ready to dab. Dabs are a concentrated form of cannabinoids extracted through many different processes that provide a much stronger and more intense effect than smoking flower.


Dab rigs typically use the same water filtration system as a bong, but they include a number of additional features and components designed specifically for vaporizing super-potent concentrates at higher temperatures than those for smoking flower. Instead of a bowl, for instance, a dab rig typically utilizes a nail or banger made from glass, quartz, or titanium. Similar to the flower bowl the banger or nail is where you place the product. Some people prefer to “cold start” meaning they put the concentrate into the banger before heating it, but for the most part people “hot start” meaning, Once the heated Banger or nail reaches the desired temperature, the concentrate is dabbed and filtered through water before being consumed.

How To Use

To use you add water to the chamber just like with the bong or bubbler and do a test draw to assure adequate water is in place. You will need a torch and banger or what is called an e-nail . E-nail is recommended if you are clumsy because torches and bangers produce super high temperatures and can very easily burn you (I have the scars to prove it). E-nails come in many forms and some I have tried include the g-pen connect an the lookah seahorse pro. E-nails heat up through a simple button push and include a spot to load your concentrates in or a heated tip that touches the concentrate and can be attached to your dab rig. Dabbing has just as many forms as smoking flower and would require a second blog to really explain. The banger is removable, much like a flower bowl in a bong and many bongs and dab rigs are interchangeable and can be used as both by simply switching from a bowl to a banger. The banger is placed in its open spot, often called the banger hanger, and heat it with a torch till it reaches desired temp for your concentrate. once it reaches a good temp you use a dab tool to scoop the desired amount of concentrate (always start small, you can always consume more if its not enough but you cant take it back once you do too much). once you have your concentrate on your dab tool you touch it to the inside of the heated banger and inhale through the mouthpiece of the dab rig. NEVER TOUCH A HOT BANGER OR TORCH IT WILL SEVERLY BURN YOU. Once the concentrate is melted off your dab tool and has dripped into your banger a “carb cap” is sat very carefully on top of the hot banger to help you get the best hit possible and obstruct the airflow a bit.



There are many options when it comes to glassware. I understand how intimidating it can be but it can be such a great experience when you find one that is right for you. If glass is too intimidating because of the possibilities of breaking you can also find all of these options in a silicone version that usually have a lower price point and don’t give you that horrible sensation that occurs when your favorite glass piece hits the ground and explodes into a million pieces. Silicone is much harder to clean and builds up a bad taste over time so I prefer glassware but I keep a few silicone pieces around for travel and outdoor use. Glassware is one of my favorite things to collect and talk about because it is like art that you can smoke out of. Few things feel as good to me as taking a huge rip out of a glass bong and blowing that cloud out. I also want to add that anything that contains liquid should be dumped out and the piece should be thoroughly rinsed to prevent mold growth. Mold can grow inside your piece after 2-3 days even if it’s just water.  I love my glass and I love to talk about it so just shoot me a DM on Instagram or theweedtube if you have any questions.  


Written by Lacey Kissinger


I really love this newsletter a lot of information about how to use any glassware, I’m currently learning how to use a dab rig and this helped me understand it even more Good Job JK & Laceybug.

Joshua Urena on Dec 14, 2021

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