Learning to Let Go in 2021 - Mental Health Awareness

Learning to Let Go - It’s ok to let’s go!

Amanda M - CBD Mental Health

💡 Something recently happened to me that had me in a low state of mind as of

       I have been dealing with letting go and not correcting those about my side and my portion of events. It has been extremely challenging, as I never want anyone to be hurt or upset or go threw what I have. But I also don’t want my side to be misrepresented. Which I think many people can relate to. 

I have learned a valuable lesson in this. I would constantly worry and upset myself over things that were already done. I would let them swirl and manifest inside my head until I causes panic and nightmares. Our brain is extremely powerful. It controls how our day is gonna feel like just due to a simple thought, feeling, action, memory and much more.

It would consume me. My days grew dark and sad, and the time I spent making myself upset over things that I have no control in I missed out on things and that’s not just physically anything. I’m talking about emotional connection and things of that nature. 

So the important thing I learned was to let it go. It took me a lot of time. But each day is a new piece of our journey. I started to meditate more and get off my phone and go outside. I didn’t reply to drama or negative texts, or comments. I just let go and decided to live for each day. To enjoy the time we have left with nature and those who stick by us threw it all.

Learn to not feed into drama and toxic relationships and people. If those who were in your life don’t respect your feelings and your new boundaries for the new you then they weren’t meant to be there or they have there own journey to go threw before they come back into your life.

You can do this. It’s not impossible and it’s not easy. For me cbd helps me threw my hard emotional times along with anything that puts me down. It levels out my brain and my emotions. It really helps with being calmer and handling my depressed times.

I just smoke a bowl or two of Skywalker and let it soak it into my lungs and calm me. Be proud of your journey in healing and don’t let things you can’t change or control run the rest of your life. Smoke a bowl roll a joint or roll a blunt and focus on you!

  1. Learn to Control the Positives 🌞
  2. Free your Brain 🧠
  3. It’s ok to let go! ✌🏾 

Written by Keiji Varela

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