Keeping Thy Stash Fresh in the Summer Months!

Keeping Thy Stash Fresh in the Summer Months!

The weather is a changin! It's getting warmer out and just like we need to protect ourselves from too much heat, don't forget our medicine can feel the heat changes as well. Thankfully there are some great options for making sure your stash stays fresh. Stay Hydrated with our New Delta 8 Wellness Drinkables!

The Moisture, temperature and lighting all can affect the quality and freshness of your herb and can change the overall composition of the flower making your hemp flower less desirable and less potent. Traveling during the summer months can be a challenge! Check out our Odor Proof Dela Force Hemp BackPack!


For your flower it's recommended you store your hemp at room temp or below room temperature, however too cold can cause trichomes to fall off so you don't want to go below °40 generally.  Storing your hemp in a glass jar (blacked out UV-ray jar recommended)  with a humidity pack (integra boost recommended) can also help keep your hemp fresh for long periods of time. 

 During the summer hemp being mailed out can arrive dry due to the heat from transit and look like it's no good. However placing it in a air tight jar with a humidity pack for a few days will generally revive it back to normal.  As it gets hot make sure you take care of yourself and your medicine 😁 stay safe and healthy. 



Written by Jake Brown

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