Jupiter Jake Speaks... Give These A Try

Choosing the right product can feel overwhelming with all the different strains available. . You must take the time to figure out what you like or dislike. The most important thing is to be patient and know that you might not like the first one you try, but to not give up.

My Experience

I have struggled with depression, anxiety and bipolar mood swings my whole life. I don’t want to take a dozen pharmaceutical pills a day. It’s been a difficult challenge finding that one natural thing that easily balances me out without major side effects. 

I’m a holistic person so I sought out other options to assist me. My initial experience with CBD left a bad taste in my mouth. I’m glad I didn’t give up because I finally found products that help me and changed my opinion of hemp and CBD products.

My Recommendations

I’ve been listening to our customers who reach out on the website, social media and share feedback via product reviews. I decided to do something to help serve our new family as they search our menu. I’m focusing on the area of smokeables today.

New Smoker

For a new CBD Smoker who has never smoked Cannabis I would personally recommend Sour Space Candy or Hawaiian Haze as they are both 2 solid original Oregon bred hemp strains that are consistent in effects and nice and mellow for the beginning smoker getting into smokeable hemp flower. Sour Space Candy is the perfect beginner sativa hemp strain that I feel is great for getting people familiar with the effects of hemp flower. I feel as though when people try something like Hawaiian Haze or Sour Space Candy it gets them the general feel for CBD and opens doors for newer/ more potent strains later down the road.

Cannabis Smoker

For the Cannabis smoker who has never tried CBD I'd personally recommend them something like our new cookies California gas, Wedding cake, Purple Legendary OG or Cherry Abacus as those strains have the closest resemblance in taste to traditional cannabis and have a little stronger hemp effect than your traditional CBD flower. I would also highly recommend Delta 8 for the cannabis smokers as it has effects that are slightly like what they are familiar with.

Experienced Smoker

For an Experienced Smoker, I would recommend the same as the traditional cannabis smoker. Something like cookies, Wedding cake, purple Legendary OG, purple Lifter or anything top shelf delta 8. I feel as though with so much on the market it's not as easy to please the Experienced smokers so to provide your most potent and best Flower would be the best bet. Generally, I'd recommend something the ambassadors, myself or others rant and rave about and recommend.

No matter where you are in your journey with hemp and CBD, we’re here to help you find the right product for you.

If you're ever stuck with what you think you should try, reach out to us or check out our Ambassador Reviews. 


Written by Jake Brown

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