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Say Hello To my daughter Rochelle

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 I’ve slowly been introducing y’all to my personal life so I thought I would show y’all the girl who runs my life! This is my daughter Rochelle and she is special needs. She has an extremely rare chromosome deletion that makes her 1 of 12 in the world. I’ve had people push me and ask me to do a gofundme so I finally caved in and did one.

My daughter hasn’t had the easiest life always having surgeries or treatments since she was born. I’ve lived with her in the hospitals from birth to 4 months and those bills keep coming. I’m going to share a gofundme link and if you can donate then thank you and god bless!

If you can’t all I ask is for you to share the link or my post and still god bless! 😂 it’s been tough seein all these medical bills come in but I can truly say I have a million dollar baby! I wouldn’t trade her for the world!

GoFund Me Page for Rochelle

#unique #specialchild #specialneedsparenting #myoneandonly #donate #gofundme #gofundmedonations #chromosomedeletion @ Austin, Texas


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Tre on Aug 13, 2021

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