JK Distro
JK Distro specializes in sourcing Hemp Harvests from the finest California and Pacific Coast Farmers.
California is a great place to farm, with soil in some areas that is deep, rich, and free of rocks. The warm and semi-coastal climate is also good for farming. We have a vision of providing cleanly grown, tested and processed finished products all insured.

Our cbd flower ranges in % for people who are just starting out or for more experienced users.

When looking at our flower and any other CBD flower, make sure to look at the THC%.

In the United States .3% of Delta 9 THC and under is legal, for the UK it’s .2%.

This is where it gets complicated because some of our products have some Delta 8 THC which is legal in the US. Delta 8 is similar to Delta 9 THC in that it does give the user a “high”. However Delta 8 is known to not have the negative side affects of Delta 9 like anxiety or paranoia.

If you’re a first time user and you order one of our products with more Delta 8, you can expect to feel a high, which may be overwhelming for cannabis or cbd beginners.
Written by Keijiro Varela


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