JK Ambassadors Spot Light - Loka Dutchez Queen of Delta 8 & Ambassador #1

Meet Loka Dutchez - Delta 8 Queen of NYC 

JK Ambassador #1👑⛑

Hello my name is Lillian B.K.A Dutch3z
I want to take a second and talk about this amazing company over at JKDISTRO that helped me change my life.
They are an amazing company that offers top quality products. This company was nice enough to ask me to join the team and since then my life has changed for the better. Not because I joined but because I am a true believer of there products they have.
Inwas actually the very first JK ambassador! I saw the ad to earn some money and pass along a hefty discount to my audience! 🖖🏾 We now have over 140 JK Ambassadors Globally 🌎 

I currently suffer from lot of physical and mental health issues that I currently only used THC (Delta 9) for to self medicate. Hate taking pills because they have too many side effects and can be very addicting. So when this company came in to my life it was like an angel sent them and put them in my path.

I started using there cbd products and noticed a big difference health wise … a lot of company’s have cbd products but are not top quality like JKDISTRO is. They convinced me that cbd can help and does work. I tried cbd from other companies and was discouraged because it never did anything for me.
But when I tried there amazing stuff lord knows it was heaven sent. I realized that it does help physically and mentally. Not only did I keep using cbd they also introduced me to delta 8 products. And let me tell you it is amazing top notch products.
Not only did I gain a healthier and safer way to medicate but I also gained an amazing team of friends that I love. And I am grateful for , if it wasn’t for this amazing company I would’ve never really kept giving cbd a try. Only because a lot of company sell low quality stuff.
And I know there is a lot of you out there that suffer from ptsd , anxiety etc and can not use or consume sativa strains like GREEN CRACK because it makes us more paranoid and makes our anxiety go off the roof.
But let me tell you do not be discouraged by that , I was in the beginning and was so afraid of sativa flower. But when I tried this one strain called grape fruit punch omg that changed my whole mind set. Not all sativa trigger your paranoia or anxiety some are actually beneficial to help you get threw the day and rid of them creepy annoying nervousness feeling.

So thanks to JKDISTRO I am no longer afraid to give sativa a try. You just have to be mindful and take it easy because they are some that are not good for us , but not all are bad. So yes people like me that suffer from mental illness can now be open to these strains as well. We don’t have to always stick to indica flower for rest and relaxation. My favorite is Cherry Pie. We can be more open minded now and that is all thanks to JKDISTRO.
So JKDISTRO I want to say thank you soo soo much for coming in to my life and making this happen , making my life more easier to get threw medicating myself with your amazing products to help me mentally and physically. I owe you guys the world if it wasn’t for you guys I’ll be so close minded and lose out on life’s healthier and safest way of medicating.
I love you guys !!
Written by Jake Brown

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