Finding and Listening to your inner voice 

Finding and Listening to your inner voice -Self Positivity

Mental Health Awareness Ambassador

Amanda M

I have been learning something about myself lately. That is, I am soooo proud of myself and so many other people for growing and pushing forward!!!!! I can’t help but be happy for getting to where I am.

My state of mind has drastically changed since smoking cbd. I started smoking two years ago. I’ll admit I was skeptical but it literally saved me from myself. So I am proud of how far I have come!!!!

I think that people forget that any progress is good progress. As long as you push yourself, (that could be as little as finally saying No to someone) it doesn’t have to be a life altering. The more confident I am about myself the better I feel about my journey.

Today I am going to have a new day. You all should to. I am going to go sit out in the sun and smoke my cbd. Where? Not sure! But we will figure it out! Now smoke up and give yourself some credit! You are absolutely beautiful and strong!

Check out my IG stories and join me! Maybe I’ll even go live! 

 Amanda’s Northern Lights Picnic 🧺 

Written by Keiji Varela


I love it!!!!! This is a perfect way to released positive vibes 🥰

Marlaina Calloway on Apr 05, 2021

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