February Hot🔥Box 2021

Well well well... We survived January!

            Happy February 2021 JKD Family. This month’s Hot🔥Box has Lots if options. We’ve added 8 new strains and 8 new products like D Flower and Vape Options!         

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            We added 10 new strains in January 2021 by the end of February we will have a full line of premium Indoor, Greenhouse and organic sun grown all farm fresh flower from our trusted and contracted cultivation partners. and contracted cultivation partners.



❤️HotBox Mini 4 Strains for $55

❤️HotBox Boss 6 Strains for $75

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February HotBox  & New Flower Menu Menu:


🟣Northern Lights

🔵Skywalker OG


🟢Grapefruit Punch

🟡Sour Cherries

🔴Alpen Gleaux

🟣Takilma Kush 

🔵Hawaiian Haze

🟠Peach Goliath

🟢Ruby Kush



EvoCann Wellness Community 

We created an all new virtual wellness community online! Check out our EvoCann Product Line and Evocann Wellness Page!

We want to keep our customers, families and community collectively healthy and well. 2020 was a year of unfocus, let's change that by all focusing together on our personal health and wellness in 2021!

In 2021 JKD is committed to focusing on mental health awareness. Thankfully we didn't have to go to far! Amanda M is our Mental Health Awareness Affiliaite in the Oregon! Please follow along for her personal journey Triumphs & Struggles but its real support and community around Mental Health Awareness.

  Check out our mental health awareness blog from Amanda M.

Check Out Amanda’s Recent Post on Instagram



Written by Keiji Varela

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