Do You RYO?
When it comes to smoking your favorite flower, there are many different options available in the form of RYO (Roll Your Own).

With so many options on the market, sometimes it can be hard finding the perfect wrap or paper for your sesh.

Smoke shops worldwide carry everything from King Palm Wraps, Tobacco Blunt Wraps, Hemp Blunt Wraps, Thin Papers, Thick Papers, Flavored Papers, etc.

With so many options, I decided to research to see what most people said regarding their favorite way to roll up.

A general rule of thumb that I have gathered is when you have a super-premium tasty strain, you do not want to roll your Herb in a blunt tobacco wrap because that can take away from the flavor of the Herb. However, most people who have made videos regarding blunt wraps have said tobacco-based blunt wraps are good for when you have value flower or something that is not so tasty.

They now have Hemp wraps in Blunt wraps – basically a blunt wrap without tobacco. These wraps seem to be a little better for tasting your flower while still enjoying it in the form of a blunt. It's a more natural wrap taste without any tobacco to inhibit the flavor. However, keep in mind that flavored blunt wraps will alter the flavor of your Herb significantly. So if you are looking for the best natural Herb taste, your best bet Blunt wrap wise would be a naturally flavored wrap, preferably hemp, to avoid missing key flavor notes.

Another great and popular way to roll up comes in Rolling papers (i.e., Zig Zags, Raw, Vibes, Job & More).

Picking the perfect paper can be very hard as hundreds of rolling paper brands. Some companies have been around for 100+ years. The best way to find the paper that works for you is trial and error. I prefer papers to blunt wraps because they are thinner and can taste your flower. Papers are generally a far cheaper option to roll up, and you get more for your buck. Standard blunt wrap packs come in packs of 3-5, whereas Rolling papers come in packages of 50 papers. Just like blunt wraps, you can get flavored rolling papers such as Juicy Jay's and a few others that can enhance the flavor of your Herb if it is lacking in flavor. From what I have personally tried and seen, I have gathered most people prefer a thinner rolling paper to taste every flavor note from their joint.

The beautiful thing about RYO options is that the choices and possibilities are nearly endless, and it's all a matter of preference for a smoker.

There is no right or wrong answer for what you decide to roll up with, and many people will gladly tell you their favorite way of rolling up. Blunts and papers have been a solid debate for many years and will continue to be one of the top cannabis/hemp consumption methods. I am very excited about all the new rolling products that will be coming out not just this year but also in the future. So my question to you is, what is your favorite way of rolling? Let us know in the comments.
Written by Jake Brown

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