Coping With the Roller Coaster of Life!

Coping With the Roller Coaster of Life!


JK Sales Manager & Ambassador/Entusiaest 

I have struggled with depression, anxiety and bipolar mood swings my whole life. Due to, not wanting to take a dozen pharmaceutical pills a day. It’s been difficult challenge finding that one natural thing  that easily balances me out without major side effects.  

When I tried the Peach Goliath (ON SALE THIS MONTH) from JKDistro I immediately got the relief I needed from my mental struggles, particularly my anxiety.

First of all the peachy/lemon taste with hints of gas really gives you that flavorful punch of flavor and is pleasant in the morning or afternoon. The effects are where this particular strain hits the mark. 

Immediately after consumption I can feel my stress and worries go away and my mood balances out nicely with no need to worry about drifting into a negative mood. Personally I would recommend peach G to anyone who wants great day time relief and a smooth smoking experience. 

This strain is Definitely in my top 5 when it comes to relief. You Definitely do not want to sleep on trying this strain as you won't regret it!

My Second go to recommendation is Cookie Monster CIGARS for a more heavier desired effect!

Written by Jake Brown

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