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Hello Folks we are sprucing up our different menus and collections so we can offer something for everyone! Wether or not you're looking for Smokeables, Delta 8 or Wellness or Pet Products we have something for everyone in the family!

Our Wellness Collection Focuses specially on using cannabinoids like CBD for non-smoking methods like Topicals, Bath Products, Soft Gels and Gummies!

Check out our selection of  Delta 8 Wellness shots, CBD Wine & Choclate! Explore our Award Winning EvoCann Full Spectrum CBD Balm Max for your daily aches n pains!

Our Pet Wellness Collection introduces our patrons four legged family  members a wellness approach to CBD PET Products.

We have a wide selcetion of trusted brands that develop for the family pet Dog and Cat! Explore your pet's EndoCannabinoid System!

Our Smokables Collections explore the different pre roll, ciggarette, joint, cigar, DABS, Moonroocks and Vape Cartidge and new CBD and Delta 8 Products!

Check out what new and cutting edge in the industry! All the conveince and value of our trusted brand partners. Our Toast PET Tinctures have both a Dog and Cat forulation!

Our Drinkables Collection offers CBD and Delta 8 Products ranging from wellnness drink mixes, shots, to Wine Selection and various coffee and tea products.

Our infused honey tea pastes! We also have our version of flavorred High Dose Syrup 1500mg in 4 flavors! Explore our Drinkables Collection Today!

Lastly, our Edibles Collection allows our patrons to enjoy the various benefits of consuming cannabinoids like CBD and Delta 8 in enjoyable snacks confection/candies and Tinctures/Oil. We have a variety of gummies, chocolates and treats! Check out our Nano Delta 8 Popping Crystals!

Written by Keiji Varela


When will you guys start to accept PayPal payments?

TERRANCE L WALKER on Aug 13, 2021

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