420 Glassware Report

420 Glassware Report 

Amanda H 

Something I feel isn’t talked about very often when it comes to smoking is your piece or your glassware. Not everyone is the same and not everyone likes the same type of hit.

Now I bet your thinking to yourself “it’s just glass, what’s the big deal?” Well there is a lot of options out there. When I first started to smoke I started on a vape pen and the hit for me personally is to harsh. So the next type I tried was the infamous bong. I am a bong person hangs down! For me the harshness is not there for me. That’s due to there being water. The functionality and the taste to me is much better and I don’t have that scratchy feeling on my throat.

Then there is the pipes! I know more people that prefer pipes then bongs or any other form or glass. I am not a fan but I will use them. It’s the same affect as a pen it really hits me to hard. But I do know that I get a better high when I smoke THC threw pipes. I also think that for me cbd has a different taste when I use different glass.

When people ask me what they should I use I just say try everything and find what works for you. I collect all types of glass and like to switch it up.

Written by Keiji Varela

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