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Very good9%
June 15, 2024

If there is something wrong, they will make it right! If there is pressure or flavors, they got them. Blue Zslushie and Purple Push-Pop have been phenomenal! 10/10.

Avatar for Hunter Roberts
Hunter Roberts
June 11, 2024

Straight pressure 🔥

Helpful if ever any mess ups

Avatar for JT
June 11, 2024

Every order has been on point . Deals are good. I’ve been working with the company since February and out of approximately 12 orders 11 were precise. During 420 I had a package that was shorted significantly. I think some things could have been done differently but in the end I got what I put in. It took a little time to get on the same page with each other but it’s halfway across the country and one of their biggest times for sales so it’s understandable. But yeah good company good product good deals.

Avatar for Austin
June 7, 2024

I’ve had hit and miss experiences, this last time made up for them all.

I’m excited to see what it brings after ordering “Blue Zlushie”

But personally Purple Push Pop (Purple Label) and Gary Payton (Black Label) have been the best.

If you’re even shopping black label, you got it ball out. Get purple then black label will piss you off.

The quality difference is beyond noticeable, you’d think it’s what a rapper or something was smoking as much flavor as I’ve got from purple label flowers. Tbh.

Try em out. $80 for 7 grams? Of that FIRE and I mean GAS.

I stopped worrying about getting official Dispensary Bud (legal reasons) but you couldn’t show me the difference other than the tiny potency difference.

As a heavy medicinal smoker I’d say a 1.5 – 2 bowls (strain depending ) vs 1 bowl potency difference.

If you’re familiar with THC you’ll love me for recommending purple, if you’re a beginner you’ll just be spoiled from the beginning and never know the difference.


God Bless EACH and EVERYONE of you and I hope this at some point at least helps somebody like me. Someone who needed medical weed where they don’t sell medical weed.

Research your strains using the leafly app or a quick google search to lock in the effects and profiles as well from previous users.

Stay Blessed yall. GOD BLESS

In Jesus name we pray.

Amen. 🙏🏻


Avatar for Hunter Roberts
Hunter Roberts
June 6, 2024

Yo they lil small but damnit man some mothafuk’n fire fo yo ass my dude…. And like they say dynamite comes in SMALLS packages right….. Just say’n u a dummy if u pass these guys up… On God yo.

Avatar for Mikeal s.
Mikeal s.
May 20, 2024

My orders always seem to come super quick with Jkdistro. The flower is great quality and they always send an extra little sample nug. Definitely my go to place from now on.

Avatar for Joseph worley
Joseph worley
May 8, 2024

Ordered mimosa smalls and it was straight gas⛽️ strong smell good structure mini mugs and a few big ones just smoked a blunt and it has me baked🔥and I got a sample of apple frittzles and it was had a strong smell as well rolled a joint and it was smooth and a heavy hitter as well🔥⛽️ and also like the box package and the 3 sticker 🔥will be buying more for sure

Avatar for Steven R
Steven R
May 4, 2024

Testing the other coast!

JKD grabbed my attention with the Boxed Flowers. The package was enjoyable to open like a layered surprise I’m gonna now enjoy. Hopeful to add a 5 star. . .

Avatar for Raena McKay
Raena McKay
May 3, 2024

Little mail fumble no fault of jk distro of course but when I opened my mailbox I saw sunshine thank you jk distro will be putting in more orders soon

Avatar for Aaron
May 2, 2024

I ordered an oz of White Gushers smalls I paid an extra 20 for 3 day delivery I didn’t get for 5 days but well worth it I got a few nice nugs (not smalls) quality amazing the smell the freshness smells like a crop ready to harvest absolutely well pleased my new plug fuh show…I’m stoked

Avatar for Charles Olson
Charles Olson
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